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Palmyra falls to Islamic State.

DAESH (Islamic State) fighters in Syria have entered the ruins of Palmyra after taking control of the region’s military installations, prison and the modern town alongside the ancient site. So far there are no reports of any destruction of antiquities according to the British based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Daesh has posted a statement on Twitter that it had taken the city which if true means there would be no obstacles preventing them from reaching the site.

Islamic State now appears to control more than half of Syrian territory, although most of the areas it holds are sparsely inhabited. The countries main cities, are located in its west along the border with Lebanon and the coastline. Most of that territory remains in the hands of Government forces.

Syrian state television said government troops had withdrawn from Palmyra but had managed to evacuate most of the civilian population from the town.

In the past DAESH has destroyed ancient monuments in neighbouring Iraq and there are fears it might now do the same in Palmyra which is one of the most important ancient World Heritage sites in the Middle East. Many valuable items have been removed by the government, but the monuments and temples cannot be move


Palmyra used to be on a major trade route linking Persia, India and China with the Roman Empire.


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