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TMSo, a fairly well known Brit MP has been called out for an anti-Semitic tweet involving hints of deportations.

Why the fuss?  Here’s why – throughout the Arab and Iranian world, every day, in the mainstream media, and neighborhood mosques, there is casual virulent, murderous, hateful anti-Semitism full of bile and lies. Naturally not all media is guilty, and not everyone believes the fantastical nonsense spewed out, but the point is:  this is mainstream.  Here’s a bit on Egypt’s CH2 –

Nothing unusual about that – here’s a wee bit more – this isn’t everyday though, this is just every Friday during the Friday prayers sermon –

There are thousands of similar examples.  It’s the same in the newspapers with the cartoons taking an especially 1930’s Nazi Germany approach to drawing –

Caricature of a Jew teaching President Bush to say 'I hate Arabs'.

Caricature of a Jew teaching President Bush to say ‘I hate Arabs’.


So what does this have to do with Naz Shah MP?  It has the same thing to do with her as it does to all the other vaguely familiar and unpleasant smells emanating from parts of the regressive left and sections of the Labour Party.

In the UK they take care to hide behind a slimy verbal mask but the mask is beginning to be gossamer thin and many people are increasingly seeing through it and are perhaps reminded of the wise words of Martin Luther King Junior in 1968 – ‘When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism’.  Some of them know the tide is turning. They are slithering quickly to delete years of social media hatred.

The mask has two parts. One has the word ‘Zionist’ the other, ‘Israel’ or ‘Israeli’.

When Naz Shah tweeted that Israel should be relocated to America and ‘problem solved’ it is inconceivable that she meant anything other than ‘Jews should be relocated’, or to put it another way – deported. If not, then she advocated that the 1.5 million Israeli citizens who are Palestinians should also be sent abroad. She did not mean that.  She meant Jews. Nuance about the many Jewish families who have been in the country for centuries, or for many generations, or a century, or who were ethnically cleansed from the Arab countries, or indeed nuance about Israel’s right to exist and not be Judenrein? – There was none.

When Malia Bouattia, the recently elected President of the National Union of Students, talked about the ‘mainstream Zionist-led media outlets’ she was repeating the old trope about the Jewish controlled media. She must have known her intended audience would hear ‘mainstream Jew-led’. If she could not hear the direct echo of the Protocol of the Elders of Zion forgery then this highly educated woman is a fool.

For years now the regressive, dog whistle Left has also hidden behind the statement that ‘criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism’. It is true that it need not be, and yet, for year after year, march after march, speech after speech, relentlessly, doggedly, they have gone after one target, one country, and one people.

But again, why the fuss? After all, until the recent light shone on a major political party, this has mostly been in the shallower and more fetid waters of minor academia and student politics. Well, the fuss is twofold: Firstly, some of these annoying shouty anti-Semitic student activists may in the future crawl through to leading positions in politics – indeed this is quite possibly why so many of them bother, because most of their fellow students just ignore them.

The second reason is related to the first.

Do we really want our public discourse to descend as low as in the everyday examples of the Arab world depicted above? The route to that is in not caring , or, in dismissing the casual anti-Semitism of the British internet, low level politicians, and some student organizations as froth. The ‘froth’ is a virus. In the UK ideological viruses have always struggled to spread because of an innate British suspicion of extremes such as those which infected the European mainland in the 20thC.  The best disinfectant is to make a fuss.

UPDATE; Naz Shah has subsequently been suspended by the Labour Party.   She made a powerful apology to Parliament, but it has subsequently been claimed that her words were censored, watered down and rewritten by the Labour leadership to ensure she did not address the issue of anti-Semitism in the party. This has now been mostly retracted by Buzzfeed which came out with the story originally.

Here is the text of Ms Shah’s apology to the UK Parliament;

“Mr Speaker, can I can seek your advice on how I can express my deep sorrow for something the prime minister referred to earlier. As you know, when a government minister makes a mistake they can correct the record. I hope you will allow me to say that I fully acknowledge that I have made a mistake and I wholeheartedly apologise to this House for the words I used before I became a member.

I accept and understand that the words I used caused upset and hurt to the Jewish community and I deeply regret that. Antisemitism is racism, full stop. As an MP I will do everything in my power to build relations between Muslims, Jews and people of different faiths and none.

I am grateful and thankful for the support and advice I have received from many Jewish friend and colleagues, advice I intend to act upon.

I truly regret what I did and I hope, I sincerely hope, that this House will accept my profound apology.”



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  1. Well said! I’m so glad you addresses this subject and brought it to the public eye. The best disinfectant is sunlight.

    And to quote (or misquote) Burke:, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

  2. If ever there was a post where I need to tread like I was walking on eggs it is this one. My reply to Tim’s piece has therefore been written very carefully and it’s been read through a number of times before I hit the ‘send’ button.

    There is a problem, a problem of English, a problem of applying labels to people or maybe a combination of the two. If I criticise the faith of someone who is Jewish or if I criticise their lifestyle then I am almost certainly going to be accused of being anti Semitic or using hate speech. If however I make a statement against the state of Israel, I criticise their politics or their current policies against their neighbours then I am not being anti Semitic, I am making a political statement. The fact that politics and religion are tightly engaged in a deadly embrace when it comes to this area of the world does not help here.

    World War II ended seventy years ago and the vast majority of those who took part in that terrible conflict are now dead. I do not deny that the holocaust took place (this is difficult as I lost a handful of relatives in the camps) but time has now moved on and the constant demands from the state of Israel for a) ‘justice’ against old men in their 90’s and b) reparations for something that took place a generation ago are starting to sound a little unreasonable. How long will the demands continue? A hundred years after the camps were liberated will we still be seeing demands from the state of Israel that German citizens should pay for what their great grandfathers did? I suggest that we all accept that such events took place and then move on with life by looking forwards rather than back.

    Finally, all I ask is that we be careful what we say when it comes to this topic. A distinct line needs to be drawn between the state of Israel and the Jewish people. One is a nation state with a number of issues and the other are a happy people with a history going back five thousand years.

    • No prob with yr argument Peter, but ‘English’ is why i wrote the piece. For more than a decade now people have been hiding behind the words ‘Zionist’ and the even less disguised ‘Zio’ when they mean something else. For more than a decade every piece written about it has to include the caveat ‘of course not all references to Zionism are code’, but things have become so bad that its time to get on the front foot and point out that it is these days usually code for something else.

    • mahatmacoatmabag | 27th April 2016 at 1:15 pm | Reply

      “If however I make a statement against the state of Israel, I criticise their politics or their current policies against their neighbours then I am not being anti Semitic, I am making a political statement.”
      Wrong Mr. Kennedy , totally wrong, all criticism of Israel couched in the deceptive language you used is 100% anti-Semitic in it motivation & also the main thrust of your post was decidedly anti-Semitic in its defence of elderly Nazis & linking reparation claims by the Jewish victims of Nazi war crimes to “constant demands from the state of Israel”. You have exposed yourself as an anti-Semite, quite frankly I am amazed that an astute observer of the political scene like Tim Marshall failed to spot the tell tale signs buried in your post using deceptively moderate language, truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing post.
      I have no problem with your post remaining it says more about you than it does about Jews & Israel being unreasonable or the issues facing Jews & Israel. No matter how carefully you write your pieces you will always give your real intentions away, its in your nature & astute observers will always spot them. If my post passes censorship then feel free to respond.

      • Mahat – u r too quick to accuse Mr Kennedy. Like u I noticed that ‘justice’ was in quotes, whereas I do not beleive the statute of limitation on mass murder passes just because the murderer get old. This is partially a question of individual responsibility. I do however think there is a time limit on things such as state reparations, even if on this issue it has not passed. But you do not give Mr Kennedy any room for nuance as you state baldly that he is couching his language in anti-Semitic terms which seems unfair.

        • mahatmacoatmabag | 27th April 2016 at 1:53 pm | Reply

          Unfair or not Tim is a matter of opinion, I consider you a fair man, I posted so many years ago on your blog on Sky News when others accused you of bias when you covered Gaza & revealed its 5 star hotels, shopping malls, shops full of goods & a tunnel under the Egyptian border through which Hamas smuggled in luxury model cars.
          Refuting the posts of crude anti-Semites is easy but there are some of them who are more adept at making their sales pitch & they are the dangerous ones that really need to be dealt with by persons of good will like yourself rather than bull in a china shop plonkers like me

      • Question mahatma just to clarify. Do you view ALL criticism of Israel as anti-semitic or was it just Peters tone and language?. I have criticised the approach of Israeli governments at times as being heavy handed and counterproductive to their own security, don’t reckon I’m an anti-semite to be honest and it wouldn’t alter my views if I was branded one either but interesting to see where people are at with this.

  3. Great article. Must take issue with one point though – Malia Bouattia ‘highly educated’? A perpetual student, maybe. Highly educated she is not.

    All the same, an astute read.

  4. Perhaps if Israel stopped killing children

    • What then Chris? Perhaps there would be a decades long campaign, march after march, speech after speech, dogged, relentless, against…pick a country any country, China? Turkmenistan? Burma? Sudan? Eritrea? Saudi? or any other serial offenders against people, minorities, children, on a scale which dwarves the many injusticies carried out by Israel and most other countries. Or, perhaps not. Perhaps there is another reason for the mass psychosis fixation on one small conflict.

    • mahatmacoatmabag | 27th April 2016 at 1:19 pm | Reply

      Perhaps if you faced up to the truth Chris and stopped blaming Israel for existing then the Arabs intent on eliminating Israel might sue for peace & a better future for all our children

    • Israel sends text messages, leaflets and tap-on-the-roof mortars before bombing terrorist gun emplacements. The terrorists, by contrast, aim to kill civilians, and make no mistake: Hamas has the stated aim of killing every last Jew in the world. This is written in their charter.

    • Chris, do you think Britain kills children? Or do you think that British bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are nice bombs which only ever kill bad guys? No doubt you think Britain should be endlessly and obsessively vilified – don’t you?

  5. I don’t agree. Writing or saying “Zionist” or “Zio” is no worse than writing/saying “Communist” or “Commie”, “Fascist” etc. It is POLITICAL. “Zionist” these days is no longer what it was 100 years ago, ie. all about a legitimate self-determination for the Jewish people (less legitimate to steal another people’s land but we’ll leave that aside).
    Nowadays being a “Zionist”, as non-Jewish Gove and Cameron, and Pickles etc etc etc all claim to be, has come to mean: supporting Israel’s continued flouting of international law, continued expansion and colonisation of the West Bank, continued blockading of Gaza, continued outrages such as the Gaza “wars” (aerial bombardment of a trapped mostly civil population) of 2009 and 2014. That is today’s “Zionism” and it is political, supremacist, and totally open to criticism and resistance.
    Sorry Sir, but all you do with this stuff is to enable the depraved behaviour of Israel as a rampaging Apartheid state.
    The idea that the UK, perhaps with the USA the safest place for minorities to live (and most Jews will admit this and do so daily by staying here), has become 1930’s Germany…just stop right there.
    Muslim people had NOTHING to do with what happened during WW2, they don’t have the same references and neither do they HAVE to.
    I suggest you read and listen to what someone honest like Gerald Kaufman has to say on this subject.

    • Nibs – in theory you are correct – it is a political term. However, it is not the same. Call someone a ‘Commie’ and that’s what you mean. But calling someone a ‘Zionist’ has, over and over again been plain to see a mask, for another word. As for Zio – in this context it is a fairly recent invented word normally only thrown around in the KKK /White Supremacists websites and circles. Some of the regressive left then picked it up realising they could get away with using it as a mask for the word they mean. Nothing in my article says the UK has become like 1930’s Germany. What it does argue, i thought clearly but perhaps not clearly enough, is that the route to barabarism lies in not shining a light in the ugly places.

    • mahatmacoatmabag | 27th April 2016 at 1:39 pm | Reply

      Nibs your post from beginning to end was a classic example of the depraved anti-Semitic illiteracy of the hard left & a classic example of the use of Joseph Goebbels’ “Big Lie” .
      One particular lie you told exposes your ignorance & failure to do any historical research, I am referring to ” Muslim people had NOTHING to do with what happened during WW2, they don’t have the same references and neither do they HAVE to.” Read this piece from the Jerusalem Post
      ( Exposing the myth of the Arab bystander to the Holocaust)
      and Google articles on the Mufti,
      & the service of Muslims in the SS, such as the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar
      After you have read the articles & checked out the large amount of material on Muslims & WW2 available for free from verifiable & reputable sources on the internet then maybe you will drop your preposterous claim from your list of ridiculous accusations of Apartheid & Israel stealing land.

    • Indicating that you deplore anti-Semitism but reject Zionism is like saying you don’t mind gay people but reject gay rights. Zionism is the argument that Jews have the right to live in their ancient homeland. Even Malia Bouattia agreed that every people has the right to self-determination, although I suspect she would draw the line at allowing that right to Jews in Israel.

  6. Thank you for this article Tim. I am Jewish and have close relatives who live in Israel. There is for me a big difference between the legitimate criticism of the Government of Israel and the questioning of Israel’s right to exist and for the Jewish People to have a homeland. The wise words you quote from Martin Luther king ‘When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism’ sums up much of the current narrative of the far left .

    No other country in the world has to justify its existence. No one questions countries like India,Pakistan,Iraq or Syria all of whom were once carved up. For a member of Parliament to suggest that Jews should be “relocated” to the United States is unacceptable in much the same way if any MP said all Asians should be sent back to India or Pakistan. Both Naz Shah and Malia Bouattia, have an obsession with a Tiny country the size of Wales where Arabs serve in the Judiciary and Military, one is a senior officer in the Police and they are represented in Parliament the Knesset and a country where all people including Gays are equal under the law. These people disregard the Humanitarian abuses in countries like Iran,Saudi Arabia,Egypt and much of the Middle East.The 250,000 Syrians murdered in the Civil war seems to be for them a footnote.Their focus on Israel is a product of the far left seeing Israel as a Colonial power disregarding the fact Jewish People have lived there for over 3,000 years and it has been the Arab States and the Palestinian Leadership who have kept their people in perpetual poverty being used as pawns.

    The Palestinian Leadership do not want peace or a prosperous Palestinian State but only the destruction of the state of Israel.I am honest enough to know that Israel like any country makes mistakes, that some Palestinians in 1948 were not only let down by their own leaders but suffered. What the left often forget is that around 800,000 Jewish people were forcibly evicted from Arab Countries.The issue is complex never black and white.

    so yes when public figures sink to this narrative it is a virus that needs highlighting and calling out. It encourages division and does nothing to support peace and understanding
    Many Jewish people do not agree with all the policies of the current Government in Israel and I know Israelis them selves who do not but there is a line that has been crossed by these two people and when you try and deny the right of Jewish People to their own homeland you have crossed that line.

  7. mahatmacoatmabag | 27th April 2016 at 1:24 pm | Reply

    Tim Marshall an extremely well written piece, I hope that it will appear on other websites to help counter balance the constant pro-PLO & Hamas propaganda & BDS rhetoric pushed 24/7 by the Left wing dominated media

  8. Tim, thanks for answering above, and promptly. I sincerely believe you are well-intentioned, but for some of us, the 8 month continuous smearing of Corbyn and trying (falsely) to “out” him as an anti-semite, is all about one thing: the man has a large following, could conceivably lead a UK government one day, and would represent a seismic shift in this country’s relationship with Israel. Corbyn believes in Palestinian rights, and this is his sin. He also believes in a fairer society, which is nearly as bad.
    Why do you think the Guido rabble is after him so relentlessly ?
    If all these things are “tropes”, then why are the US elections also hingeing around which candidate is more ardent in his/her slavish love for Israel ? (Hillary winning that battle as you know). Even Sanders, Jewish, has been slurred for somehow “betraying” his people in calling for an even-handed approach to Israel !! The biggest backer for the Republicans: Sheldon Adelson. For Hillary: Haim Saban. Both One Issue people, and no guesses as to what the issue is.
    I think you’re misreading the mood here: people are fed up with enabling this massive injustice any longer. The “anti-semite” stuff, and the effort to outlaw the non-violent BDS, is all about maintaining the Israeli hegemony.
    And Israeli hegemony, and the malign influences thereof on UK and US politics, well that’s the “ugliest place” of all in my humble opinion.

    • Nibs. Even if there had been a ‘smearing’ of Mr Corbyn that does deflect from my argument that the regressive left has been using ‘zionist’ and ‘zio’ to disguise another word. You don’t address that, and perhaps you really beeive that when someone says ‘Zionist dominated mainstream media’ thats whats they mean.

      As for Israel having a malign influence on the UK and the US……are you suggesting that the people of this tiny little nation are controlling the superpower and the worlds 5th largest economy? How on earth could they manage that. As for US politicans chasing Jewish American votes.. why wouldnt they? They chase Hispanic votes, black votes, all votes, and they say stuff to all sectors of the electorate in order to get them. Howevever, what they say to one particular sector gets more coverage…. a bit like the coverage of a very minor Middle East conflict with a reltively small death toll.

      • We’ve reached the point where the W&Y must make a plea to posters of good will to keep the debate focussed on what was written in the article and not get carried away with the US election, Mr Corbyn, the behaviour of Israel, 1948, 1967, 1973, etc etc.

        We are talking about the words, zio and zionist, about public discourse, and about hiding behind language and symbols. Thank you.

      • I address that in my first post. “Zionist” or “Zio” is political, like “Communist” or “Commie”, so eminently open to opposition and debate.
        Gove, Pickles, Blair: all ardent Zionists. No funny business, and none Jewish as far as I know.

    • 70% of American Jews voted for Obama last time round which is consistent with the average Democrat share of the Jewish vote since exit polls began in the early 70’s, George W Bush by contrast only received a high of 24% of the Jewish vote. Ask an Israeli which president they think was more favourable to their country and you will only get one answer, hint: it isn’t Obama.

      • mahatmacoatmabag | 27th April 2016 at 3:09 pm | Reply

        Rob Walker, the only two US Presidents favourable to Israel have been Harry Truman & Richard Nixon, yes Nixon. It was Nixon who during the 1973 Yom Kippur overrode Sec. of State Henry Kissenger & the pro-Arab state dept. and ordered the immediate resupply of weapons to Israel directly from US stocks to replace Israels weapon loss & counter the Soviet resupply of advanced weapons to Egypt & Syria and Nixons support of Israel continued through out his presidency despite the charges of anti-Semitism leveled against him. Other US presidents including Kennedy ,Johnson, Reagan, Clinton & George W Bush were only partially friendly towards Israel when it suited them for internal political reasons. Eisenhower, Carter, Bush Snr. & of course Obama were decidedly unfriendly towards Israel through out their presidencies .

  9. I find it incredible that the Labour party with the manpower resources at its disposal couldn’t vet the social media accounts of someone selected to be a candidate for MP, after all there were only 632 candidates and a third of them fall off the list as they were already MPs and so will have been subject to scrutiny by the public and media already. I do think that all the hullabaloo will ultimately accomplish is to push the views underground so that the people holding them are harder to spot. A muslim having anti-israeli and anti-semitic views is not exactly an unusual occurrence, that other muslim MP’s have not tweeted these kind of views doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t hold them just that if they do then they are intelligent enough not to air them. Corbyn’s refusal to suspend Shah is just another indicator of how poorly equipped he is to lead a modern political party let alone a country, he has effectively handed his opponents a shed load of ammunition to use against him in the coming months.

    • Well Corbyn has just sussed which way the wind is blowing after Camerons attack at PMQ’s and one of his own MP’s calling for a suspension and done the right thing which he had ample opportunity to do in the first place, as always he ends up looking like weak.

  10. Nibs you are using the lies and distortions of those who want to see the destruction of the state of Israel . It is the Palestinian Leadership that flouts International law and calls for the destruction of Israel and all Jews. You ignore the huge amount of goods that goes via the Eretz crossing every day and the fact Egypt have their own blockade, some of it legitimate to stop weapons being smuggled in. You ignore the 4400 rockets that Hamas launched to start the last war and the real Apartheid carried out by Arab States who will not allow Jews or Israelis to live there.The cry of Apartheid is a lie I have seen for myself with Arab Doctors and Patients all treated in the same wards in the same hospitals. Just recently Israel was treating Syrian Children in its hospitals and sent aid teams to Ecuador to help those after the Earthquake. As for Gerald Kaufman the less said the better. Why do you think Israel is openly protecting Jordan from ISIS . Without Israel there would be a Middle East ravaged by Terrorists and those who want to murder people like you and me

  11. Another Trope the Jews control the United States or the President the next thing it will be we control the press(If so we are doing a bad job). I believe in Palestinian rights and Jewish rights and that is the problem the left only sees one side. Tim is not misreading the mood but getting it spot on. If Labour carry on like this they will be unelectable and most of the Labour Parliamentary party know it .The fact some here do not condemn without reservation the comments made by Naz Shah shows the hate that some have. I want peace and a settlement that sees peace and security for all sides. It seems some do not want this. I wonder why !!

    • I don’t think Tim wants us to debate the rights and wrongs of most of what’s in your posts to me; needless to say I am in total disagreement with everything you write !

      Have a nice day.

  12. Interesting that Nibs has no logical argument against what Paul wrote, so he shuts it down and walks away……….having wheeled out the same old nonsense and lies (which I’m sure he believes), he has nothing further – that, my friend, is because the truth will sustain, and that’s what Tim’s article is giving everyone a valuable opportunity to read and learn. Sadly, Nibs’s mind has no more room for new information – hes a dog with a bone…

  13. Robert Festenstein | 27th April 2016 at 3:00 pm | Reply

    Tim, thank you for this. In my view having an anti-Jewish stance is now the preferred option in the Labour Party. When I say anti-Jewish, I mean the sort of Jew that the left doesn’t like. They don’t like the Jews who refuse to apologise for being Jewish, or those who believe in self-determination or those who are prepared to point out the hypocrisy of those in the Labour Party who scream daily about Israel and are mysteriously silent about the treatment of women in other countries in the Middle East. The Jews they do like are those who acknowledge their Judaism by birth alone, without any commitment to being Jewish. It is the latter Jew that the left is referring to when it talks about not being anti-Semitic.

    What is clear is that these views are now so mainstream that I am sure that Shaz et al are genuinely surprised at what all the fuss is about. Doesn’t everyone who is sensible in the left of the Labour Party take the view that the Jews are not entitled to any homeland or genuine rights?

  14. surf’s up

  15. Nibs of course you are in total disagreement with me which is your right. I try and be open and fair looking at all angles.The word ZIO is used by far right groups like the Klu Klux clan and the term Zionist has been hijacked as a negative term by those who want to see the end of Israel.Those on the far left who use some of the language we have seen recently are not having a go at the Government of Israel but the whole notion of a homeland for the Jewish People. I have always voted Labour myself but could not while Corbyn presides over a party that has a vocal minority with these views. Corbyn needs to show he really understands Antisemitism and remove the whip from Naz Shah

  16. Stacey McGill | 27th April 2016 at 3:35 pm | Reply

    Thank you for an interesting article: unfortunately this is not a new phenomenon in UK politics. Back in 1984 as an elected delegate to the NUS Winter Conference in Blackpool [as a member of the Federation of Conservative Students, I too was in a minority group] I had the unpleasent duty of proposing the suspension of Sunderland Polytechnic from the Union as they had passed a “Zionism = Racism” motion and then promptly used it as an excuse to ban the Jewish Society at the Poly.
    Unfortunately, for some on the extreme fringes of the far-Left, “freedom of speech” is only a valid argument if you agree with everything they spout – no matter how absurd.
    The use of the codeword “Zionist” when the speaker really means “Jew” is nothing new – and judging by the comments I have read here, isn’t likely to disappear any time soon.

  17. Nibs you are every thing that hides behind the banner of antisemitism, we as Jews are facing an uphill battle, everyday there is another story, Labour MP’S, NUS Student leaders clamouring on the band wagon of being an antisemite, when is all this going to end. I have never known such hatred, I have always known about antisemitsm, I have even been confronted by it, I just never thought it would gain in popularity again. Unfortunately this all seems to stem since Jeremy Corbin became the Labour leader, all types coming out of the woodwork. All I can say to this is thank you Tim, for bringing this out, I just hope people will sit up and listen, although by reading comments on different newspapers some on the right and on the left, I must say I do despair.

  18. I would like to add also to the question posed by Tim why the fuss ? For me as a Jew the fuss is the worry that this discourse or narrative is now spouted by some within a major political party. The casual anti-Semitism should be a worry for anyone Jewish or not in any decent society

  19. I should just like to pick up on Peter Kennedy’s comment “How long will the demands continue?” (11.02 today, 27 Apr 16).
    This, among others, clearly shows his lack of understanding of many of the issues. In this particular case Israel never made any demands on Germany and, indeed, the whole reparations payment system was put in place by German governments, even though recognising that you could not being back the dead. I really suggest he familiarises himself with this (and other) topic/s before he casts aspersions…

  20. Tim, I should like to edit my post, adding the word “voluntarily” to “was voluntarily put in place by German governments,”

    Dori Schmetterling/DAS1951

  21. “Zionist-controlled mainstream media” – I had a half-hour on my hands this afternoon, and you know what? Try as I might, I couldn’t find any Zionist-controlled mainstream media, apart from the Jewish Chronicle, where for those of lesser intelligence, there is a decided hint in the title as to its leanings. Then again, with a circulation of under 23,000, I’m not too sure how mainstream it may actually be. The Independent (not a “Zionist-controlled mainstream media” but an extremely anti-Semitic rag) threw in the towel when its circulation dipped below 30,000.

    I have also asked the “well-educated” (in Jewhate, that is) Malia Bouattia for her take on precisely which media she thinks are controlled by Zionists, but so far, no reply has there come.

    That Zio used as a word is disparaging and anti-Semitic, there can be no doubt whatsoever. It is used in a manner that the Jewhating (as opposed to anti-Semite) brigade excel in, making it their own in much the same way they disguise their out and out Jewhate as fake anti-Zionism by using the word “conflate”, possibly now the second-most anti-Semitic verb behind the word “murder” (as used in the less than peace-seeking Articles of the Hamas Charter).

    What is clear now is that anti-Semitism has given way to pure Jewhate. No confusion, conflation, inflation, flatulence or any similar word. The lunatics who have taken over the asylum have jumped on the “anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism” band-wagon once too often, and now what has happened, thanks to the longevity of social media on the internet, the wheels have fallen off. In a nutshell, they are now being caught out as the Jewhaters they in fact actually are . . . and always have been.

    And while I would suggest that Mr Corbyn might not necessarily be an anti-Semite himself, he keeps some mighty strange company and in turn classes some very suspect, and extremely unpleasant people, many of whom do have very overt anti-Semitic/Jewhating tendencies as friends.

    To quote the Politics Today programme on BBC 2 this afternoon (by the way, the BBC is certainly not a “Zinonst-controlled mainstream media” either – if it was it wouldn’t send the appallingly partisan and Palestinian-apologists Bowen and Guerin (both who have fallen victim, hook, line and sinker to Oriental Islamic blame culture) to the Middle East!

    Andrew Neil (Daily Politics – 27 April 2016)

    “What goes through somebody’s mind that they post ‘Let’s not forget everything Hitler did was legal’? It’s like something you’d expect from the Klu Klux Klan and when Eichmann suggested in the 40’s that all Jews should be deported to Madagascar.”

    Liam Fox (Daily Politics – 27 April 2016)

    “It’s not just about the posts but about whether share the sentiments of the posts or whether you write them. There is something wrong with processes if the tweets were sent before she became an MP, then how was she selected and elected with these (tweets) not picked up and as a candidate allowed to stand with these comments out there on social media? It’s about sympathising with the views and not the timing of when they were sent out.”

  22. Thanks for this article, which really gets to the heart of the problem. There are many others in the Labour Party whose views are identical to Naz Shah but who have been a bit more careful; they restrict their public displays of antisemitism to simply spewing blood libels against the Jewish State and denying it the right to defend itself against terrorists, while supporting those same terrorists. The party leader Jeremy Corbyn is one such person, although like Ken Livingstone and Gerald Kaufman he has at least come in for some genuine scrutiny. But many others have avoided such scrutiny. In particular, it seems – depressingly – almost every Muslim Labour MP (they are mainly women) shares the exact same views as Naz Shah, so maybe their ethnicity puts them ‘out of bounds’ under the ludicrous assumption that ‘minorities cannot possibly be racist’. Check them out here:

  23. I haven’t read any of the comments but, one anti-Semitism post and the “recent comments” section explodes

  24. mahatmacoatmabag | 28th April 2016 at 2:53 pm | Reply

    Tim, right on cue showing the relevance of your article:
    Ken Livingstone has been suspended by Labour for “bringing the party into disrepute” after saying Hitler supported Zionism.
    Mr Livingstone made his comments when he defended suspended Labour MP Naz Shah over social media comments she posted suggesting Israel should be relocated to the US and claiming everything Hitler did was legal.
    He said Ms Shah’s Facebook posts were not “anti-Semitic” and he claimed there was a “well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticised Israeli policy as anti-Semitic”.

  25. Charles Goldman | 29th April 2016 at 11:49 am | Reply

    As a British citizen and Israeli now residing in Galilee I would like to express my admiration for Tim’s article. I was the recipient of much antisemitism when I lived in UK though I didn’t “suffer” it as I always stood my ground and gave relevant argument.
    However the virulent leas than disguised anti semitism masquerading as anti Zionism is now rife. Yes Israel is not perfect but it is the only democracy in the region where women can vote, drive, stand for parliament or pursue any career and likewise for any Arab, Jew, Muslim, Christian or atheist. The BDS movement’s bitter attack has had only 1 success and that was the closure of the SodaStream factory in Judea ( note: not west bank) which resulted in the loss of thousands of palestinian jobs.Shot in the foot?
    Israel will defend everyones right to freedom and her technological and medical achievements are utilised worldwide- even in Arab states. So yes, let us all fight the injustice of antisemitism in all its guises and move forward.
    I suggest you all read “A shepherds journey” by the Israeli Bedouin diplomat Ishmael Khaldi

  26. Thank you, Tim! Your article is very much appreciated.

  27. Oliver Gardner | 30th April 2016 at 8:13 pm | Reply

    Great article, thanks

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