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Corbyn The Coy

opinonsm2By Tim Marshall.

Why so coy Mr Corbyn?

Why not just tell Liz, aka Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, etc, also known, to Private Eye, as ‘Brenda’, that as a Republican you cannot bend the knee to a Monarch, nor kiss her hand?

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Why not just explain to the great British public that you feel this is a ridiculous, outdated ceremony which is an insult to the beliefs of a substantial proportion of the electorate, and that if, by refusing to go on bended knee, you are subsequently excluded from the inner sanctum of the Privy Council , then people can make-up their own minds about whether we have a free and fair system with the highest offices of government open equally to all? Why not?

Why, instead, make a bunch of mealy mouthed excuses about a packed diary, being tired after a long speech, or that no-one has explained the ceremony? It’s really not that difficult and there are 600 Privy Councillors who could give you tips. So either do it properly, find a way to do it without bending the knee, or don’t do it and be brave enough to say why.

aaaaaaI once met the Queen, and jolly nice she was too for the 6 seconds I was in her presence at the British High Commission in Islamabad. I’d been instructed to bow, shake hands, and say ‘Good Afternoon Ma’am’ but instead I gently inclined my head towards her, as I would anyone to whom I wanted to show respect, especially someone with seventy years of exemplary public service. I shook hands, and said politely ‘Good afternoon’ before moving on. The foundations of the state were not rocked, but this did not prevent a flunky chasing after me and hissing in my ear that I had not done as instructed. I told said flunky that Mrs Windsor probably didn’t mind in the least and that all three of us had better things to do than worry about it. I have not subsequently met her again, but then again, neither has she subsequently met me.

Indeed, that was hardly as important an event as that of becoming an advisor to the Head of State, but I survived, and Mr Corbyn would survive not kneeling as it is certain an accommodation can be found whereby he goes to the ceremony, nods politely at the Queen, shakes her hand, swears allegiance (as he has already done upon becoming an MP) and then gets on with more important things.

The Parliamentary Labour Party would rather move past this simultaneously theatrical and yet coded display of dogma, and the majority of Labour voters will not take kindly to it just as many were puzzled at his failure to sing the national anthem of his country.

It is self-indulgent to carry on with this prevarication, and dishonest not to either get on with it – or explain why he won’t do it.

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5 Comments on "Corbyn The Coy"

  1. To the point, and well argued. Very good story about you and the queen.

  2. perhaps it is just me, but I feel that Corbyn is exhibiting a streak of childishness, relatively normal amongst politicians, but not worthy of someone who considers himself a national leader. By churlishly refusing to meet the Queen he once again demonstrates his inability to act as one would expect of a leader of a national party – even if he does consider himself a Republican. Like a five year old, he wants to have his cake and eat it.
    One can only hope that the Labour Party comes to its senses and changes its leadership as soon as possible. Michael Foot led them down a similar path in 1983: even with three million unemployed, he couldn’t beat Thatcher and lost in a lanslide defeat.

  3. Unfortunately Britain is populated with a mass of sycophants from all strata who feel the need to have a non-democratically appointed Head of State without questioning that need or her true purpose, which of course is nil. (And yes, tourists would still flock to see the palaces without HRH present before that tired argument gets wheeled out again.) They presumably feel that this all but silent women who, other than her family’s self styled titles and position, has no genuine or relevant connection to her ‘subjects’.

    This blind and infantile affection for the remnants of a mafia type warrior class is held so deeply that if Mr. Corbyn dared speak against the system—and I doubt he has a personal grudge with the Queen—he would be committing political suicide, as you well know. It would seem that no one is considering that you can be a loyal patriot and hold relevant political sway without swearing token allegiance to a privileged old lady and her family who are nothing but plebs rolled in glitter. Perhaps it’s a good thing that this debate is drip fed to the goldfish brained masses who need to be weened from the teats of the ruling class so that the notion of republicanism can be considered as logical way forward. British civilisation as we know it would not collapse without the pomp of monarchy.

  4. At the end of the day it’s about power. For the time being the Establishment under the Monarch has the power base by a long margin backed by public opinion. But public opinion is fickle. If that evaporated the Establishment would probably lose its supremacy and we’d become a republic. What happens when HM dies will be pivotal. If they skip a generation and go for William, I think it’ll survive his reign….he seems to have excellent intuition.

  5. Nodding the head…bending the knee, singing the National Anthem…if Corbyn has a problem with these, what would he do when faced with real personal or political danger?
    Whether you are a Republican or Monarchist…we must keep our freedoms.
    I had to swear allegiance to the Queen and her Heirs for the position I wanted to take on.
    What happens in the future remains to be seen.

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