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Cry Baby Galloway

The poor lamb! Someone’s been beastly to Respect MP George Galloway and he’s going to Sue Grabbit and Run.

The MP for Bradford West is demanding £5,000 from anyone who has allegedly libeled him on Twitter by suggesting he might be an anti-Semite. Those who do not pay up might end up in court and if they lost a case could have to pay substantial damages.

According to the Times newspaper the socialist firebrand will even do his bit to help the housing crisis in the UK by forcing anyone who loses a libel case against him to have to sell their home if necessary in order to pay up.

One of the recipients of a demand to pay £5,000 into his accounts is a charity worker who has amassed 75 Twitter followers. is not making a case for or against the accusations. It will not bring up Gorgeous George’s flirtations with Saddam, Assad, Putin, and other ne’er de well indefatigable types. Nor will it bother with him paying his mortgage by working for the Iranian regime and telling President Ahmadinejad when interviewing him that he supported him.

It will not even dwell on his other TV appearances on the grounds that what a man does within his Celebrity Big Brother pink leotard is a private matter.

No, that would all be unfair. Instead, let us concentrate on two of his own tweets, an article he wrote, and the suggestion that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Last year GG displayed his feminist credentials, and manners, by tweeting this about one of his critics; – “Crikey I’ve met Shrek aka Ruth Dudley Edwards once in my life but she hasn’t half made it stretch! That’s ten columns and counting!”

To date Ms Dudley Edwards has not consulted her lawyers about being publically humiliated in a vicious display of sexism, I assume because she is what we call ‘a grown up’.

Last month GG was at it again using a homophobic term of abuse on Twitter in describing Malcolm Rifkind MP as ‘rentboy rifkind’ following the story about him being available to give advice to private companies. Mr Rifkind is many things, but is neither that, nor a cry baby.
And GG’s article? Part of it is on the home page of this website.

In another life I was the Foreign Affairs Editor of Sky News. Mr Galloway took against me for a report I made on Gaza and wrote a newspaper article in which he said –“The soi-disant “foreign editor” sees himself as the matinee idol manque, rolling languidly up to every trouble spot and drawling some scarcely digested Rough Guide or Wikipedia entry as if he’d been studying the issue all his life.”

This article is, arguably m’lud, defamatory, as GG is suggesting that the way in which I did my job amounted to cheating by simply repeating Wikipedia as opposed to doing my job properly.

Being accused of anti-Semitism is somewhat more serious than being called a languid imposter; nevertheless, at the time several people suggested the courtroom might be a place to find out if harm had been caused to reputation.

I felt there was a better room in which the offending article could be placed, and it is still there, framed, in the smallest room in the house, where his comments belong.


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