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EU Money Helps Call Jews ‘Evil Barbaric Monkeys’

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Television stations throughout the Middle East routinely seek to demonize Jewish people by calling them ‘Pigs’, ‘Crows’, ‘Rats’ and other words in a very long list of venomous epithets, but only one routinely receives money from tax payers across Europe to so do.080723_cartoon1

The official Palestinian TV channel is part funded by the EU. For years now it has poured out a stream of invective reminiscent of Nazi Germany against not just Israeli Jews, but Jews in general. It pays particular attention to indoctrinating Palestinian children teaching them to hate ‘the other’ from a very early age.

This is not a new story, but a new example has come to light thanks to MEMRI, an organization that monitors Middle East broadcasting.

Today its website hosts a clip of a children’s program which is presented by a woman who, on Palestinian TV, calls Jews ‘Barbaric monkeys’ and ‘the most evil of creations’.

Reflecting the Islamist obsession with purity a guest reads a poem in which “Jerusalem vomits from within it your impurity….” By impurity she means the Jews.

In a March 22nd episode the same program showed a segment in which a puppet visits Jaffa. Behind the puppet is Tel Aviv, which we are told, used to be called Jaffa before it was occupied by Israel. This is factually untrue. Jaffa is an ancient port town a few miles to the south of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv, which was built on a swamp, did not exist until early in the 20thC.

This factual inaccuracy may not seem overly problematic, nor is the presenter calling Jerusalem the ‘Eternal capital of Palestine’ any worse, or better, than it being called the ‘Eternal capital of Israel’, but the comments need to be taken with the racism and demonic imagery also aimed at children.15343

The use of imagery is as routine as the language. Cartoons appear in Arab and Iranian newspapers on a daily basis depicting Jews as animals, and repeating the old anti Semitic canards of them controlling the globe. However, in most instances, the images are not subsidized by the European Union.

Palestinian TV (PTV) is funded by the PA which in turn is part funded by the EU. Some EU funds are given via NGO’s to programme makers whose work appears on PTV. The EU hides behind the paper-thin divide that it does not directly fund PTV, and rarely criticizes the use of fascistic imagery and language. When it does it couches its own language using insipid phrases such as ‘We call on all parties to refrain…’

Generation after generation of Palestinian children are encouraged to think of Jews as not even human. In that context, what would be quite understandable political calls for a return to Jerusalem, Nazareth and other towns, become chilling veiled incitements to ethnic cleansing.

Whether children programmes should be used as political propaganda is another matter, but it is a matter the EU appears not to care about. Nor does it appear to care that the money EU citizens pay into its coffers ends up part paying the salaries of TV presenters calling Jews  – ‘Pigs and Monkeys’.


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