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1 Comment on "Geopolitics, With a Sausages and a Slice of Spam; Podcast 10"

  1. We need migrants because of the looming financial crisis caused by an ageing population. Why then does the government keep trying to get people to live even bloody longer than they are doing. I could understand it if the quality of life was great once you get past 70, but let’s face it, it isn’t. Healthy life expectancy is 64, that means another 17 years in bad health. My parents did their duty and drank and smoked themselves to death at 50 and 64 respectively, not a penny paid to them in pension. My dad was a particularly patriotic fella who could shift 70-100 pints a week (yes, honestly) in his one man mission to swell the coffers of the treasury. Instead of warning of the dangers of drugs, drink, smoking and fatty foods they ought be encouraged, get that average age back down to 70 and make the pension bill affordable again. And I’m only half joking.

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