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The car crash this week by the British Labour Party over the depths of antisemitism in its ranks appears, in some narratives, to have its roots, not TMin the remarks and decision making of certain Labour members, but in a Zionist conspiracy. According to a candidate in the London Mayoral election, George Galloway – ‘The supporters of Israel have the whole political class now dancing to their tune,”

Well, if that is the case then I salute the courage, strength, and the indefatigability of the Zionists who kidnapped Ken Livingstone’s brain this week, bundled it into a taxi, took it to a secret location in central London (Millbank), and forced it to do the rounds of the broadcast media studios and repeat a litany of anti-Semitic tropes in order to ensure the story was kept on the front pages.

They also appear to have forced Labour councilors, or party members, to suggest that Jews have big noses, were behind 9/11, and, therefore ‘we must address the Jewish question’, the latter being the Hitleresque words of Gerry Downing.

More puzzling is how they then managed to keep the news from the Labour leadership. I suppose it’s possible there is a Zionist cabal around Leader Corbyn which ensures that every time he speaks about the subject it is too late, and what he says bears little relation to what is going on.

As Mr Galloway once said to that nice Saddam Hussein “we are with you, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-Quds -until victory, until victory, until Jerusalem.”

The hard left, and its mirror image on the hard right, is well versed in dissembling and constructing a form of words to deflect attention from a problem it appears unable to admit.

This is a constant in hard left discourse and allows the true believers in the Zionist conspiracy to build a shield round their capacity for critical thinking. Like all conspiracy theorists, every piece of evidence to the contrary of their belief is turned around and presented as evidence for their belief. Therefore, if the media finally notices that the Labour Party has been infected by the anti-Semitic discourse which grew through the 1980s, and 90s, and has come to the surface, the problem is not the anti-Semitic discourse, it is the smear campaign of ‘Zionist led mainstream media’. If Naz Shah tweets something anti-Semitic, has the significance explained to her, and apologises – she has been ‘got at’. If Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan agrees Mr Livingstone should be suspended – he has ‘sold out’. Sold out to whom?  I think we know what is meant.

Because the hard left is incapable of thinking it can only believe that sections of the working class which disagree with it have ‘false consciousness’, one of the most patrionising, haughty, and arrogant political theories you could come up with. On the subject of what is going on in the Labour Party they are similar rigid. Anyone who disagrees with them is part of a Jewish conspiracy.

It always mattered, and the Party always knew it was there. The difference between now and before is that now some of those infected with this psychosis are in the Party hierarchy, and some in the leadership are so imprisoned by their calcified thinking and obsessions they cannot see the problem with the psychosis. Believing the big lie is so much easier.


19 Comments on "Labour, Smears, and the Big Lie"

  1. Tim, I see this differently. Labour have “managed” (manipulation) to get the whole media taking about Israel and Jews and distract from the fact that Sadiq Khan is a Muslim and as such is taught to hate Jews, Israel at a very early age. This whole thing was “staged” with John Mann and Ken Livingston.

    • I can’t see why, were your assertion that ‘as such is taught to hate Jews’ be correct, focussing on Israel and Jews would make anyone forget that Mr Khan is a Muslim. Your theory also suggests that Livingston, Mann, Corbyn, Shah, and all the numpties caught saying their idocies were in it together, hatched a plot, but no-one knows about it, despite the Labour Party currently leaking like a sieve.

      • Tim, Thanks for the reply. Livingston, Mann I would suggest are in it together, look at Mann and the camera, he was playing to it. The problem as I see it, they “politicians” put their parties and ideoligies before the Country and the People. In the real world, people are getting more and more angry, not just as politcians but at the media too. The media have gone down the wrong road.

  2. Livingstone has either reached the point where age has made him stop even remotely moderating how truculent he is or unencumbered by having to win any votes he is now spouting what he has always believed. The shambles that is the Labour party is something to behold and lets face it is not a positive thing for the country, a government needs to be kept on its toes, to be challenged and the electorate needs to have a credible alternative, from what has been in evidence since Mr Corbyn has taken charge I wouldn’t trust them to even find the brewery let alone organise a p**s up in it. Leeds, Newcastle and Wednesday fans will all remember the “too big to go down” nonsense, they weren’t and neither metaphorically are the Labour party. What happened to the Liberals a century ago could happen to them too and indeed the only thing holding back this possibility is that at the moment there is no credible left wing alternative to take their place but that state of affairs may not continue for ever.

    • Rob, who says this Country needs liberlas or left wing right wing politics. That is the issue in my opinion, that and when we started paying MPs a salary in 1911 creating what was feared at the time (look up debates on the subject of MPs salaries at the time) a “Politcal class” detached from reality and real life. 40% of people are NOT voting. In Iceland people took back control, in Italy they are doing the same with the Five Star Party. That will happen here too, then we can straighten out the media and get honesty back into journalism and not propoganda.

      • Graham, don’t pay MP’s a salary and you will go back to the old political class made up only of people who are independently wealthy or being patronised by wealthy sponsors as was the case prior to the 20th century. In 1911 a lot more than 40% of people were not voting as the poorest 40% of males and the entire female population had been excluded from doing so by this wealthy non salaried group of MP’s. In terms of being detached from reality and real life do you think that our former prime ministers Gladstone, Grey and Pitt the Younger who entered parliament aged 23, 22 and 21 respectively were more in touch with reality and real life than our current politicians?. The electorate decides what it needs in terms of politics, in the last century it decided it needed the Labour party and that the Liberals were not serving it’s interests who knows what it will decide it needs in the 21st century. What I said was that the country needs is a credible opposition, a comment I stand by.

  3. Labour lost part of its base when Thatcher changed politics forever. ‘Essex’ man, white van man, Sun readers, people who bought their own houses, a lot of middle and even what is disparagingly called ‘working’ class moved to middle ground politics, and certainly away from voting blindly for Labour like their father and fathers father did.

    So, Labour increasingly has had to find new ‘poor’ or ‘unequal’ or or or, and in so doing its absolutely in the camp that is pro immigration. Because unless you can create inequality, unless you can fuel poverty and discontent, Labour actually ceases to exist.

    And in so doing, Labour has to play in the darker, murkier world. It has to operate in places like Bradford, or Rochdale, or Oldham, and it can’t sell itself unless it skirts the appreciated lines of Islamism. In quiet rooms, Muslims are brought on board, but comes with a price.

    If anyone things that towns that are segregated and have large Muslim populations – and thus are filled with western hatred, american hatred, jewish and ‘zionist’ hatred (all bred from a background where people have lived, the stuff is peddled and people are products of their backgrounds) – then they need to get out more. And to put a deeper footnote on it, if you really want, I’ll say that you can’t have Labour ‘values’ AND believe that women have only half the value of a man, or that child marriage, or that FGM, or or or or or can somehow square with this. If you actually believe that those values in some twisted wreckage can get along, good freaking luck with that.

    In some very twisted way, you’re now seeing the peddlers of ‘PC’ being hung by their own petards in the age of hyper-sensitivity. Ken got hung yesterday because the centre and the right grew sick of being abused and smeared and seared at every juncture, so now eventually we end up in this. Parts of the Labour party are clearly eating themselves in self hatred in the Corbyn era of disaster. And I make no mistake, Corbyn and his cronies are deep in the mix here. Corbyn has form in this area, doensn’t take much digging to find it.

    I don’t like Ken Livingston. I’ve never liked him. I never liked him on any occasion that he peddled some Muslim fanatic, or the IRA, or or or. I ended up feeling a little sad yesterday as I watched an old man I dislike, saying stupid things that should not be said, and a fairly large over reaction. But the root of this, is far worse than Ken Livingstone. The root is that deeply embedded in Labour now lies a militant islam, And that isn’t fixed by hanging Ken Livingstone out to dry.

  4. mahatmacoatmabag | 29th April 2016 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    IMO Tim the problem began in Labour some time after 1964 when Arafat, Nasser, Abbas & the Russians founded the PLO in Cairo and Western socialist parties like the UK Labour party increasingly became infiltrated by hard line Marxists. By the early 70’s Labour & the Left in Europe had made the Palestinian cause their very own “cause célèbre” thus generations of recruits to the Left straight out of school & university have drunken from the poisoned well of the anti-Semitic mind set.

  5. This is sadly a problem that has been going on for several decades, its just finally boiled to the surface now that the radicals in the party are in charge.

    Its not that most people on the left are anti Semites, however its tolerated (particularly if its cloaked as “anti Zionism”), in part because I think there is a certain feeling that anti Semitism is something that only comes from far right neo Nazis. Add to that the often vitriolic and sometimes irrational hatred of Israel and one has a situation where anti Semitism is ignored or tolerated at best (none of them want to be seen as a “Zionist puppet”), or encouraged at worst under the anti Zionist banner.

    the saddest fact is that a few suspensions are not going to solve the problem , the problem is much deeper. The left is still fighting in 1936 cable street fighting Mosley, and ignored the fact that Mosley is very much alive in large quarters of the hard left.

    Only by realising that “standing up for the oppressed” does not mean reflexively ignoring or supporting any dictator , group or political party that is rabidly Anti American , Anti Israel or Anti Semitic, will the left begin to regain some credibility.

  6. The hard left? Get a grip, Tim.

  7. After watching Livingstone’s interview today, and refusing to retract from his statement and issue an apology, even though he is suspended, shouts, ‘The Labour Party is not the Jewish Party’ to appeal to voters who think it might be, considering the last two Labour Leaders (Milibands) were Jewish. It is nothing other than spin.

  8. Stuart Ennals | 30th April 2016 at 8:52 pm | Reply

    Rather like fundamentalist Christians and their belief in the virgin birth, despite its irrationality, so the far left in politics now border some realm between psychosis and a crazy sect follower. There almost seems little point in reasoning with them as the conspiratorial element always comes into play. Quite how this changes is difficult to see. However these crazies on the edge do democracy in the UK no favours with working people watching the car crash with a mix of horror and humour.

  9. nehad ismail | 1st May 2016 at 2:35 pm | Reply

    Isn’t ironic that the same left led by Ed Miliband in the Summer of 2013 scuppered David Cameron’s brave attempt to sort out the Assad regime in the wake of Assad’s use of chemical weapons against civilians? In my book most of the so-called hard left members are also Assad regime’s apologists.

    • Nehad, don’t mean to be a serial naysayer but without being privy to the alternate reality of a world where Syrian army forces were bombed by western air assets we can’t really say that Miliband was wrong or right for that matter. He did back intervention in Libya and we can see what a success that has turned out to be (sarcasm for those who are in any doubt). I don’t buy the line that nothing could be worse than what we currently have in Syria, things can almost always be worse. In an ideal world where everything had gone swimmingly with intervention we would now have a democratic Syria fighting an Iranian backed Alewite insurgency. In a far less ideal world we could have ISIL in control of Syria by now and threatening Jordan and Lebanon, we just don’t know.

      • And am I right to dimly recall that public opinion at the time largely backed Miliband’s position and the Commons vote was generally reported as a victory for moderation in the light of previous mistakes of foreign policy?

  10. nehad ismail | 1st May 2016 at 7:08 pm | Reply

    Thanks Rob for your response. Let’s agree to disagree about Syria and ISIL. I have written extensively about this subject and I don’t wish to bore people by repeating myself.

  11. Paul Corrick | 3rd May 2016 at 3:22 pm | Reply

    Thanks for this Tim . I have voted Labour for over 30 years but will not do so again while it harbours those spouting hate and division.I bet Harold Wilson is turning in his grave. I have listened today to labour Councillors saying their “remarks” were taken out of context and will not even admit to any wrong doing. The Labour party is imploding before our eyes.I predict the next few months will see more revelations and a tipping point . We need a credible opposition Labour currently do not offer it and until they tackle the virus they will remain unelectable

  12. Tim, I think the biggest mistake that the Labour Party has made is being surprised that anyone Anti-Semitic would be a member.

    Anti-Semitism, homophobia, racism and the rest exist in all parts of society, often at a low-level that is ignored or forgotten about.

    I remember a couple of years back a young relation was involved in a little private forum (though publically viewable) with a few school friends. One of the kids had an issue with a teacher and posted a rant. In the rant, she referred to the teacher as “that bloody Jew.”

    The teacher isn’t Jewish and the girl knew she wasn’t – she was using the term “Jew” as an insult. It was often used like that when I was a kid in the 60s, so apparently things haven’t changed that much.

    My point is, I suppose, that anti-anyone exists outside of political debate, ideology or labels.

    It is naive for anyone in the Labour Movement to think that just because someone believes in nationalising everything that moves, that they will also be anti-racist.

    People do not come as clones and they do not believe in absolutely everything that their party believes in. When I vote Party A because they are, perhaps, Pro-Europe, that does not mean I also believe in killing badgers because that also happens to be in their manifesto.

    The huge numbers of new supporters that have signed up to Labour will be a very broad church and not all will be Corbyn clones or Abbott clones.

    There will be plenty with unacceptable views within that intake, and plenty vile idiots who have been members for years. And the same will apply to every other party.

    So, as I said, the only real surprise here is the naivety of the political debate – we already knew there are racists and bigots everywhere in our world.

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