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  1. Well if they are the magnificent seven then we know who will fancy themselves as Chris, he handily already has the baldy napper. If May calls a snap election it will be the shortest lived political movement in history, if not then who knows. Didn’t we already have a centrist party called the Liberals?.

    • Apparently, we do (link) but clearly not doing that well…

      • Trust you to remember they still existed. I suppose doing well is relative given their lack of exposure, on the bright side they have 7 more seats than the BNP, shows you the power of a name.

        The more I see of the independent group the more I think they will need a lot more defectors to boost their “talent pool” to have a chance. Not sure coming out in support of maintaining the government is a good move either. Soubry has shown in her interviews she is a total liability and the rest of them are now facing more intense scrutiny than before.
        Heidi Allen in particular isn’t coming out of this well. Not only did she start her press conference with a lie about her campaign but her voting record is now coming under scrutiny. Given the way she portrays herself I think it has surprised people that she has voted consistently for benefit cuts, for cuts to local govt funding, against measures to stop tax avoidance, for repealing the human rights act, against EU citizens retaining their rights, against measures to prevent climate change. Hardly the sort of person to usher in a kinder gentler politics.

        • I only knew they existed because I wrote something about centrist politics a while ago and traced the evolution of the old SDP. It’s why I’m not putting all my faith in TIG. I agree they need a lot of defections and I don’t see it happening. They also need money and more high profile support. They don’t want to be seen as the Lib Dems with a new coat of paint. So how they move forward is unclear. Then there’s Blair. He would be the kind of figurehead they need but still too toxic? I’ve always believed that much of the toxicity around him was really about him deposing the radical Left inside Labour and Iraq was a convenient reason to condemn him. Not saying he isn’t without baggage but I do think this group needs some big beasts behind it. Chuka and Soubry aren’t enough.

          • Way too toxic I reckon. Too many of the issues we currently face can be attributed to him. Ironically by signing the Lisbon Treaty he is the real architect of Brexit. His baggage wouldn’t fit into twenty Louis Vuitton trunks.

            Having said all that, strange times…..

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