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  1. I’ve been shaking my head in disbelief all week over the reaction to that razor ad. A load of men going spare about being attacked and then proceeding to extoll the greatness of “masculine” qualities such as the stiff upper lip. Irony is clearly a stranger to them as they themselves showed a complete absence of stoicism by crying like babies just because the nasty razor men said nasty things about them. Whether it was a crap ad is open to debate but I didn’t feel offended by it as I don’t go round groping people or bullying them or saying “boys will be boys” for that matter, didn’t feel that was aimed at me at all. How you could summon faux outrage about the ad being an attack on D-Day veterans is honestly completely beyond me but perhaps a fair illustration of the times we are living in.

    Hartlepool fans are indeed known nationally as “Monkey Hangers”, though on a more local level are often dubbed the “Chimp Chokers” by rival Darlo fans.

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