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  1. If we were talking about the UK’s final relationship with the EU then I might agree with you both. As it is, we are talking about a withdrawal agreement which covers paying our debts, providing a transition period and a fallback to prevent a hard border in Ireland if the main talks fail. The accompanying political declaration is not legally binding and so the future relationship is up for grabs but can’t begin to be negotiated until the withdrawal agreement is passed. The backstop actually mirrors Labour party policy of having a customs union. As many have said, Labour MP’s are simply voting against the deal for narrow party political reasons, not because they have any real problem with it. Quizzed about why he wouldn’t back the deal yesterday, Corbyn didn’t answer. The fanatics in the ERG actively want no deal and are prepared to risk staying in to get it. The SNP and LibDem have stated positions of wanting to remain. Labour have no excuse for their position. As Dutch PM Mark Rutte said yesterday, “too many people are playing party politics.”

    I would suspect Tim is correct on the Labour party’s position with regards to Muslims v LGBT’s. They reckon 85% of muslim voters support labour. Lot of people to annoy.

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