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  1. I think Danny Baker’s problem is that he is asking people to make quite a big leap of faith. Firstly, he is asking people to believe that despite going to watch Millwall since the 60’s he isn’t aware of the connotations of talking about monkeys and black people in the same breath. More recently, as a football fan, he surely will have been aware of the furore over Roy Hodgson and his space monkey team talk. Secondly, he is asking people to take on face value that he is unaware which royal is having a baby, despite that information being virtually impossible to escape. That is now looking even shakier as he tweeted above a story about the couple two days prior to his monkey tweet.

    Yes he claims that using chimpanzees is a common theme of his comedy, but as one person pointed out, “where were the chimpanzee photos when Kate and Williams three kids were born?”. I don’t have an issue with him being sacked, beyond the BBC once again engaging in double standards. Alan Sugar and his Senegal tweet has been the most widely quoted example of this. When you work for the BBC, you either become a taxpayer funded civil servant or a government engaged contractor and ought to behave accordingly.

    I do think it is ridiculous that he is facing a police investigation, but given recent precedent I am not surprised. When you can spend hours in custody because of “misgendering” someone, anything is possible. I wonder how many people who were happy to see Markus Meechan and his Nazi dog skit fall foul of the 2003 communications act will be crying foul if Danny finds himself being similarly prosecuted. Once you criminalise causing offence and name calling you are on a slippery slope and funnily enough there isn’t a clause in these laws that says they can only be used against nasty right wing people. A case of “if you tolerate this your children will be next”.

    Talking of causing offence, how about this for a crime against comedy?.

    Q Who is the hardest tackler to ever come out of Utah.
    A Mormon Hunter.

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