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  1. I saw a lot of people arguing that Farage deserved what he got somehow, because Jo Cox was murdered by someone from the far right. I have seen this argument also extended to justify Tommy Robinson being physically assaulted. These people are more similar to Tommy Robinson than they realise and are in fact agreeing with his brand of politics. How can you criticise his demonisation of muslims, which he justifies on the actions of tiny minority, when you yourself engage in the same behaviour?, I presume zero self awareness is the answer. The problem with the echo chambers on social media is that they not only feed hate towards the other side, they normalise and justify it.

    I have always liked this skit from Mitchell and Webb

    That same lack of self awareness feeds into the demonisation of leave voters. I would be the first to admit that when people from my side of the argument go round calling people traitors, and jostle 70 year old women calling them Nazi,
    that I am going to struggle to claim any moral high ground. However, when you have people hoping that leave voters lose their jobs, showing glee when the older ones die etc, then that holds equally valid for remainers.

    • Spot on. There’s no moral high ground on either side, the way these events are being spun. Like I said, I really don’t like talking about them because the moment you open your mouth, whatever you said is read in the context of Leave or Remain, with the actuality of the criminal act over or under stated. As the story of that paratrooper shows, the rabbit holes go very deep if you’re willing to go down them.

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