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  1. I know it wasn’t a serious question but you would have to farm mice to produce a mouse variety of cat food. It’s not economical compared to using existing by-products, would cause a huge stink from the animal rights lobby and it is debatable whether you would get statutory approval. Greta (my cat) catches hundreds of mice in a year and they are really good for her teeth as the bones clean them. She’s on a rabbit catching spree at the moment, which (in her eyes) makes here EVEN MORE MAGNIFICENT. You know she’s caught one because you can hear her outside mewing until you come and look. It’s an amazing sound, a cat breaking a rabbits head with it’s teeth. It reminds you how powerful they are compared to their size. She will take a day to eat a rabbit but will leave nothing but the gut sack, tail and hind paws, all the bones are eaten. It’s why I’m not a big fan of wet cat food.

    For me, TV debates should never have been instituted in this country. Since 2010 they have not improved either political discourse or outcomes. It is fascinating to watch political programming from the 70’s and 80’s, political adversaries actually sat in studios and listened to each other without interrupting, it seems like another world.

    This particular one was bizarre, given that at the time, the choice was in the hands of some 300 people. Even head to head, it only matters what Conservative members make of it. I don’t think Johnson will make a good PM, objectively speaking Hunt is the better candidate. It doesn’t matter what I think though, and it isn’t about who will make the better PM, it’s about who looks like they have half a chance of winning an election for the Conservative party. In those terms Johnson is probably the man to go for. Stewart, while I quite like him, is in the wrong party and his arguments, like those of his opponents, were disingenuous.

    On the apparent smear campaign against Johnson, it might work better if carried out by people who the membership actually liked and respected, rather than the likes of Nicola Sturgeon, Owen Jones, and a couple of left wing “luvvies”. It just needs Tony Blair and JCJ to pile in now to make him a racing cert. I have to say, I didn’t like the inferences flying around over the weekend given that the police had attended the scene and decided nothing was amiss. There is nothing in Boris Johnsons considerable history to suggest he has previous for domestic abuse. Anyone who thinks recording a neighbours tiff and sending it to a national newspaper is ok really needs to have a good look at themselves. If it’s gone down badly with me, and I don’t like Johnson, then you can only imagine how it has played elsewhere.

    I think the BBC has been quite balanced on Brexit, especially given its make up. The mask slips from time to time but generally it has tried its best and done a much better job than it did during Scottish Independence. My one criticism is that its coverage of the economy seems to seek to pursue a gloomy Brexit based narrative that only partially exists. Giving a bare 20 seconds coverage to falling unemployment (the lowest for 45 years) and rising wages (highest rate for 10 years) is unacceptable when you choose to give 5 minutes to the loss of only 2000 jobs at an individual firm. Given the importance of confidence in a highly internalised consumer led economy I actually think it’s an irresponsible way to behave.

    I’ll be in a minority on this, but I reckon the China thing has run it’s course.

    • I expect we’ll cover some of this in the next episode, especially the story about Johnson, which is another gnarly one. Just written a piece on it so I won’t say too much otherwise I’ll have nothing to say on the podcast.

      China… Oh, I’ve been saying that for months now but people keep asking us to keep it. I think they just like torturing me.

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