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  1. As ambassador Kim Darroch was paid to advance the interests of the United Kingdom in the USA. On discovering that his cables had been leaked, as our inside man in Washington, he must have guessed what the response of Donald Trump would be and the difficulties that would cause the UK government and any future PM. That being the case, the obvious course of action of any civil servant who put serving their country first and foremost would have been to resign. That Kim Darroch did not do so shows a level of selfishness that contradicts the eulogies about his commitment to serve his country.

    The bash Boris campaign has of course seized on his failure to back Darroch, but in my view, Darroch’s failure to do the right thing placed Johnson in an untenable position. Not having an effective diplomatic presence in the USA until 2020 does not serve the UK interest. Souring relations with the Trump administration does not serve the UK interest. Any future PM is there to do what is best for Britain and I’m not sure that a false show of “national pride” achieves that, especially as we have been dancing to the tune of the USA for the past 70 years now. Darroch should have thrown himself under the bus, when he didn’t Johnson was right to give him a shove. If Hunt thought he had half a chance of becoming PM he would have done the same, and rightly so.

    It has been an eye opener to see how some in the commentariat have discovered hitherto unknown levels of patriotism over this incident. For the past three years they have either ignored or cheered the EU pushing the UK around. Presumably that constitutes a more urbane and acceptable type of bullying than that employed by the folks across the Atlantic.

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