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3 Comments on "Podcast Episode 61"

  1. Bloody lockdown has induced me to make another comment.

    On Trump. He is a man whose mental state has clearly deteriorated during his presidency to the point that he is now probably unfit for office. I think I’m right in saying that you must be at least 35 to be POTUS, perhaps it is time that they brought in an upper limit for eligibility. I’m not sure having fields of candidates in their mid 70’s is wise. Should Joe Biden become president he will be 82 by the time his first term is over, those over 80 have a 1 in 6 chance of developing dementia.

    The UK press have been poor during this crisis for me, the self importance knows no bounds. Special mention in this regard must go to the embarrassment that is Robert Peston. It is notable that there has been way more criticism of the government from the press than any of the opposition parties, who have behaved exactly as they should in a crisis of this type. There will be plenty of time to highlight failings when the crisis has passed and engaging in “gotcha” journalism at this point is irresponsible. If they wanted to send the message that they hate Boris Johnson, it has been received loud and clear, no need to keep labouring it.

    On flouting the lockdown. The British love engaging in exceptionalism and are certainly not exceptional in that. I don’t see the UK population behaving any differently from their European counterparts. French police had issued 350,000 fines for breaking lockdown as of April 1st. Spanish police had issued 650,000 fines as of April 13th. The reasons lockdowns were successively tightened across the continent was because people were ignoring instructions. The big difference between the UK and France/Spain is that their national police are supplemented by paramilitary police forces which given them about double the resources we have to police the lockdown hence the huge number of fines.

  2. Andy MacGregor | 15th April 2020 at 6:42 pm | Reply

    Tim, David, enjoyed the new episode and the last dozen or so since I found the pod in December whilst lying by the pool in Goa. Locked down in Dubai now and find your banter both informative as well as amusing. I’m a Brentford fan by the way and this is (was) the closest I think we’ve ever been to promotion to the top table. Will feel your pain if Leeds don’t get back up there this year. Let’s see how it unfolds….

    • Thanks Andy but Leeds only get promoted if Liverpool are allowed to finish the season and lift the cup. I think you’ll find *that’s* what we should be hoping for… 😉

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