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TMThe stabbing of an Israeli Jew near the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron on Monday afternoon has added to what is now a very long list of attacks in what is being called ‘The Intifada of Knives’. The perpetrator, a Palestinian, is the latest in a very long list of attackers shot and killed by the Israeli security forces. He was also the latest to sacrifice his life whilst, on all the evidence to hand, doing nothing to advance the cause of Palestinian statehood.

Those behind the incendiary rhetoric, which encourages this seemingly endless conveyor belt of ‘martyrdom’, appears to be willing to lay down the lives of generation after generation of young Palestinians. That they achieve nothing but bloodshed, and overwhelmingly that it is blood shed by Palestinians, does not deter them.

CQztNo_WcAQzJW1The activists have their supporting useful idiots in the West, who from the comfort and safety of their homes, cheer the Palestinians on to their deaths. The ‘From the River to the Sea’ brigade never stop to think that they are part of the problem that gets a lot of Palestinians killed.

At this point the useful idiot may begin to cry about oppression. They argue that anyone who criticizes Palestinians for stabbing elderly women in the street does not understand the frustrations of the occupied. No matter that the majority of the occupied do not set out to murder civilians, the self-righteous,  self-hating Westerner, prefers the romance of the oppressed rising up, no matter how many of the oppressed die whilst so doing.

The Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, headed by President Abbas, stops short of condemning the current wave of murders. They know that if they do, their waning legitimacy in the eyes of the armed radicals will so diminish that they may end up being killed.

Hamas is growing in strength in the West Bank and is encouraging the violence. The PA/Fatah leadership is acutely aware of how many of their colleagues were tortured,
shot, and thrown from tall buildings when Hamas took over Gaza. The leadership is at the sharp end of murderous Palestinian politics and have to play a complicated game – appeasing the hardliners, whilst co-operating with the Israeli security forces to limit the bloodshed.  They know they need to keep calm heads so as not to lose their own as Palestine burns. However, Western apologists of the ‘Intifada of Knives’ are not in this predicament and yet appear to care more about destroying Israel, than they do about Palestinians lives.

Palestinian-preacher-holding-knife-Gaza1-620x431A Gallup Poll this year suggests that more Palestinians now support a full armed struggle against Israel than at any time in the past ten years. There will be those in the West who encourage this despite surely being aware that the death and destruction rained down upon the heads of the Palestinians by the IDF would be far, far greater than the damage they could inflict on the Israelis.

And at the end of it? After the mass arrests, the increased settlement building, the withdrawal of work permits, and after all the funerals, where would the Palestinians be? They would be where they are now, without a state, but there would be fewer of them.


2 Comments on "Those Who Would Fight To The Last Palestinian"

  1. Good article Tim, with which I am in wholehearted agreement, whatever that is worth.

  2. Mr. Marshall correctly states that there is “incendiary rhetoric, which encourages this seemingly endless conveyor belt of ‘martyrdom’ appears to be willing to lay down the lives of generation after generation of young Palestinians.” One thing that has characterized the Israeli – Arab conflict, which has now become the Israeli – Palestinian conflict is the exploitation through manipulation of the everyday Palestinians by Arab leaders now then by their own Palestinian leaders, for the benefit of the leaders themselves.

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