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We are in danger of sleep walking into a new Caliphate and more ISIS attacks such as Sri Lanka. Why? Because of the unintended consequences of actions such as the UN’s new aid regime to Syria.

This new regime is such that Dr David Nott and I were told by DFID very recently, that any aid going into Idlib is a contravention of UK counter terror laws which take their lead from the UN ‘proscribed’ terror list.

The UN is drawing up plans for humanitarian aid which might unwittingly help the terrorists.  For reasons, known only to the mandarins in the UN, all aid donated for Syria is to be centralised and delivered through Damascus.  Those of us involved in humanitarian support to Syria know, that this will be controlled and directed by the Assad Regime going to areas and people loyal to Assad and those who have given up the fight.  Not a penny will reach the 3 million innocent civilians trapped with the remnants of the jihadists in Idlib province, the only remaining area not under Assad’s control

Idlib is now the breeding ground for ISIS and a new caliphate. It is the jihadists who will continue to attack Sri Lanka, the UK, and other targets if we do nothing.  Russia manipulated the creation of the UN Counter Terrorism division in 2017 and helped have every group in Syria opposed to the Syrian Regime prescribed as a terror group.

So, we are apparently aiding and abetting terrorists?  Rarely have I heard such bunkum!  With our support for medical charities working in Syria we have tried to stand by the ‘Hippocratic’ oath to maintain some semblance of decency in this most ‘indecent’ conflict.  Everybody is treated according to medical need.  In this way, it is not unsurprising to learn that jihadists allow the Idlib Medical Directorate which runs hospitals and clinics on the ground to operate unfettered.  This gives a tiny modicum of hope to the 3 million trapped with the 5000 or so remaining Jihadist terrorists in Idlib.  But, with the UN and de facto UK, US and EU cutting off aid to Idlib, they are cutting off the lifeblood to the hopes of 3 million non-combatants. If this happens why would they not turn to the jihadists for help?

Let us not forget the four major terror attacks in the UK in the last 18 months were executed by those radicalised by and in the name of ISIS.  The Security Services prevented many more, but there are still believed to be 500 or so ‘British’ Jihadists, who have fought in Syria and Iraq, some of whom intend to take the battle to the streets of the UK.

Brexit might consume our political bandwidth, but it is still the first responsibility of the Government to protect the British people, and jihadist terror is the greatest threat to this country now.  Part of combatting this must be to ensure that agencies like the UN do not make decisions, especially with our resources, that could directly or indirectly support ‘dictators, despots, rogue states or terrorists’ who would want us harm.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon OBE & Professor David Nott OBE.  Directors Doctors Under Fire


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  1. “Syria is to be centralised and delivered through Damascus.” Well they do that everywhere – aid to a region must be coordinated with the sovereign of that region.
    Which is why people like Gal Lusky and other NGO’s who don’t work with the UN are crucial.

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