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In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church called them heretics. They were excommunicated or burned at the stake. 

Hitler branded them “Jews” or “Jew lovers” and sent them to labour camps or to the gas chambers. During the Cold War era they were derided  as the intelligentsia. In the Soviet Union they were pulled out of their positions as teachers, journalists  and scientists and despatched to Siberian Gulags. In China they were given a little Red Book and sent to “re-education camps”. In Cambodia they were murdered.

Why? Because these people sought answers by asking questions.  They challenged the accepted wisdom peddled by ideologues and entrenched interests.  They fought against false facts and simplistic prejudice-based solutions which used the time-honoured scapegoat method as a solution to social problems.

Nowadays such people are dismissed as “the elite”. They tend to live in cities because urban areas are the perfect incubators for the exchange of ideas and information. So, they are called the “urban elite” or “metropolitan elite”. Their opinions are dismissed even though they have devoted years of their life to study and travel and learned the value of working with different nations, races and cultures. They base their decisions on facts backed up by science, logic and mathematical proofs.

The problem is that this intellectual –“elitist”—approach to life’s problems is increasingly banging up against the brick wall of the “gut instinct” coupled with a deep-seated faith, strong prejudice and a growing fear of identity loss.  The result is a tendency of a growing number of people to dismiss the opinions of the expert elite because they clash with their “feelings”. As leading Brexiteer and Britain’s current Environment Secretary,  Michael Gove, said during the Brexit campaign: “Experts? The public are sick of experts.”

Expert logic clashes with what the non-expert population want to believe because what they want to believe is more familiar, comfortable and reassuring than what they need to believe.  Climate change is not really happening because it would destroy popular beachfront homes and require people to make painful adaptations to their tried and tested fossil fuel-driven lifestyle.

The expert elite complicate life by refusing to accept simplistic answers to complex issues.  A wall along America’s southern border will not solve America’s drug, immigration and crime problem. Withdrawal from the EU will not revive the glory days of the British Empire or transform Britain back into a homogenous white population where everyone eats fish, chips and mushy peas.

One of the ironies of the current situation is that the charge against the elite is led by people who would otherwise be branded as charter members of the very elite that they attack. This is because they have learned that playing on emotions by dismissing or twisting facts is the current best route to their goal of political power. Eton and Oxford-educated former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is a classic example. He is a brilliant journalist. His political career has spanned support and opposition to the EU.  But his best chance of securing the tenancy to 10 Downing Street is an alliance with the Brexit forces.

Donald Trump is the billionaire son of a millionaire property developer who was educated in private American schools. His politics have veered from liberal Democrat to far-right Republican; from thrice-married misogynistic playboy to evangelical Christian.  The one constant in his life has been the pursuit of money and power for the aggrandisement of Donald Trump.

These men peddle simplistic solutions to complex issues and deride the intellectual elite as unfeeling, out of touch or just plain wrong. Their vitriolic attacks enable an army of ideologues to hide behind the cloak of anonymity provided by social media to issue intimidatory death threats. They open the door to Russia and China destabilising democracies with fake news.  For these and other reasons, I am applying for membership of the metropolitan elite.    

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3 Comments on "The Elite"

  1. Dudley McDonald | 8th February 2019 at 9:34 pm | Reply

    I have been a student/observer of US politics since JFK’s campaign bus toured through my NEOhio town in 1960. Your definition of ‘Elite’ is very self-serving.

    I earned an undergraduate degree from a public university in the late and turbulent 1960s. Taught “Comprehensive Social Studies’ in two different states at the 7-12 grade levels where I watched the literal ‘hatching’ of the ‘Edu-aucracy’ (great federal/state money/grant chase that continues today) for ‘special programs’ for individual children. And spent the remainder of my ‘professional’ career as a ‘financial educator/planner/government-licensed salesman’ (mostly Inside the Beltway area).

    I’ve dealt with these ‘Elites’ in one capacity or another for decades. Their ‘haughty and educated’ bodies are as smelly as the rest of us. AND they do tend to believe they are never wrong. They have now created what I label as the new “SPDEMS Party’ (Secularist Progressive Democrat-Socialists) hell bent on ‘changing’ the nation for their ‘perceived’ improvement for their benefit. They, however, cannot explain why in any ‘principled’ manner other than ‘we can do better because of who we are’!

    I trust in the learned and principled Founding (Fathers and Mothers) of this great and unique nation much more than the current crop of ‘Elites’ !

  2. There is an important difference between the examples you cite (i.e. the persecution of intellectual Jews, Russian intellectuals etc.) and the “expert elite” as you call them. That difference is that the expert elite are not being shipped off to concentration or re-education camps. To paint them as persecuted is perverse.

    The real issue here is that the “expert elite” seem to care more about money than the (now outdated) notion of having pride in one’s country. To those who criticise the expert elite, they see a privileged few in the capital who wish to rob them of their ultimate right to take back their country – a fully sovereign country where laws are made locally and where those elected are directly accountable to the electorate. They see the “expert elite” as wanting to retain their wealth and status at any cost. That cost is their country.

    Contrary to what many might think (and as has been so widely misreported in the press), the rank and file Brexiteer is a descent, honest and proud citizen who is happy to welcome those from outside as long as this is done sensibly. They are not, as your article suggests, stupid country folk who are too simple to understand the issues. The vast majority know that leaving will be hard and damaging to the economy in the short term, yet they have the guts and desire to go ahead regardless. Some things are more important than money.

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