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N KOREA/JAPAN – Japan has warned of the possibility of further missile or nuclear tests by North Korea on Oct. 10. The date marks the anniversary of the founding of the N Korean Communist party.

U.S/LIBYA – U.S. Africa Command says the U.S. military conducted several airstrikes against the Islamic State in Libya, killing an estimated five militants. The airstrikes targeted a weapons cache about 100 miles southeast of the coastal city of Sirte.

IRAN/IRAQ –   The 2 countries are to hold joint military exercises near their borders. This is probably in reaction to the Iraqi Kurdish vote backing independence. television.

ISIS/AL-BAGHDADI – The terror group has released a new audio message delivered by its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who had not spoken publicly since November 2016. The audio mentions N Korea’s “nuclear threat to the U.S.” which, along with other sentences, suggests he is alive despite speculation he had been killed.

TURKEY/PRISONERS – President Erdogan has offered to exchange U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson, jailed in Turkey since Oct. 2016, for U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen who he accuses of being behind the 2016 coup attempt. Pastor Brunson is accused of being a threat to Turkey’s national security.

U.S.-RUSSIA/SPACE – The 2 have agreed to cooperate on NASA-led project to build the first lunar space station. This is part of a long-term project to send humans to Mars.


We will see the continuing fall out from the Iraqi Kurdish vote backing independence, and, with more potential for a quicker crisis – that in Catalonia.

Iraq, Iran and Turkey have already halted international flights to land-locked Kurdistan, Turkey has sent troops to the border, Iraq and Iran will hold joint military exercises. Unless there is an official declaration of independence military action is not expected in the short term.

In Germany Chancellor Merkel will still be trying to forge a coalition government following her reduced victory in last week’s election.

The Nobel prizes are announced this week. The Peace Prize always makes the most headlines, but it can be argued it as lost some of its cache in recent years. The prize for Medicine comes today, Physics tomorrow, and Chemistry on Wednesday.


Mon –  The Palestinian Prime Minister in the West Bank, Rami Hamdallah visits Gaza as part of the process to reconcile Hamas in Gaza and Fatah in the West Bank.

Mon –  Burma to allow a U.N. delegation to visit Rohingya areas of Rakhine state after postponing an earlier planned visit.

Mon – Start of trial in Malaysia of the 2 women accused of murdering the half-brother of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un at Kuala Lumpur airport in Feb.

Mon –  UK’s ruling Conservative Party begins annual party conference – to Weds.

Tues – UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson address party conference.

Tues – President Trump to visit hurricane hit Puerto Rico after a weekend playing golf.

Weds –  Turkish President Erdogan will meet Iranian President Rouhani in Tehran.

Weds –  UK PM Theresa May addresses party conference.

Thurs –  800,000 people who arrived in the US illegally with their parents, but have grown up in America, will lose right to remain in the US as President Trump says he will not extend the ‘Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ policy.

Fri –  Nobel Peace Prize announced. Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are not thought to have been nominated.

Sat – 16th anniversary of the beginning of the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

Sat – Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny attempts to hold a rally in St. Petersburg. (Unless he’s in jail.)

Sat –   Vladimir Putin is 65 which in some countries allows you to start drawing the state pension.


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  1. The EU has ordered Amazon to repay 250m euros of state aid back Luxemboug. From the Guardian:

    Margrethe Vestager, the EU commissioner in charge of competition, said Luxembourg’s “illegal tax advantages to Amazon” had allowed almost three-quarters of the company’s profits to go untaxed, allowing it to pay four times less tax than local rivals.

    “This is about competition in Europe, no matter your flag, no matter your ownership,” Vestager said, dismissing suggestions she was targeting non-European companies. “Paying taxes is part of doing business in Europe.”

    Fair enough. The period covered is 2006-2014. I wonder who was Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 2006 to December 2013?. Oh dear, not him again. Well we know JCJ’s motto at times like this, “When it becomes serious you have to lie”.

    Ireland are next in the sights of the commission for their failure to collect 13bn in back taxes from Apple.

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