ISRAEL/TURKEY – The 2 countries have agreed a reconciliation deal 6 years after the killing of Turkish nationals during an Israeli military raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla. According to Haaretz newspaper Israel will pay a total of $20 million in compensation to the familes of those killed. Turkey will seek to pressure Hamas to provide information on two dead Israeli soldiers, and 2 Israeli civilians missing in Gaza. Turkey will de facto agree that any aid for Gaza wil go through the Israeli port of Ashdod. Ambassadors will be appointed. wo fallen Israeli soldiers and two Israel civilians missing in Gaza to a conclusion. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim will not meet, but will sign the agreement separately in Jerusalem and Ankara.

SPAIN/ELECTION – The conservative People’s Party of acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has won most seats in Spain’s parliamentary election. However, it is short of a majority. The other major traditional party in Spain, the Socialist PSOE came second, the lefg wing co-alition led by Podemos was third.  Mr Rajoy said that as leader of the largest party he had the right to assume office.

IRAQ/FALLUJAH – Iraq’s government says its forces have retaken the last district of Fallujah held by ISIS following 5 weeks of fighting. They will still need to clear houses in case of booby traps and any suicide bombers who have stayed o. More than 85,000 residents had fled the city. TMThe next major target for the government is Mosul.

CHINA/TAWAIN –  Beijing has closed the cross Taiwan Strait contact and communication mechanism because the new Democratic Progressive Party president, Tsai Ing-wen, has not officially accepted the ‘One China’ principle – the idea that China and Taiwan are one country.

SAUDI/TERROR – Over the weekend gunmen shot and killed a Saudi policeman in Qatif district in the Eastern Province which has a large Shia population.

COMING UP – EU, Brexit, and the markets. This will dominate the week. Can the markets stabilize given the political and economic uncertainty? On Friday Slovakia will assume the rotating Presidency of the European Council.


June 27 –  German vice chancellor visits Russia.

June 27-28 – India and Russia hold talks in New Delhi on the direct supply of Russian natural gas.

June 28 – More protests in France as Senate votes on labour reform bill.

June 28 – Deadline for S Africa’s Treasury to decide how President Zuma must repay government for using taxpayer money on private residence.

June 30 – Turkey and the EU open a new chapter of Turkish negotiations to join the Continental bloc.

June 30 – Turkey and EU open new chapter of Turkish negotiations to join.

July 1 – Slovakia assumes rotating presidency of European Council.

July 1 – Slovakia will assume the rotating presidency of the European Council.

July 2 – Australian general election.


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  1. On the continuation of the EU saga, it is rare to find myself in total agreement with the Telegraph but I think this opinion piece nails it.

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