TMIRAQ/ISIS – IS  said it carried out a suicide attack using a fuel tanker against a police checkpoint in Hilla, south of Baghdad, killing at least 60 people and wounding over 70.

IRAN/SYRIA – Local media reports that an 18-year-old Afghan fighter named as Mohammad Akbari has been killed in Syria whilst fighting with Iranian forces.

TURKEY/KURDS –Turkish and Kurdish YPG forces clashed in a firefight at the Syrian border town of Qamishli over the weekend.

SYRIA/GENEVA – The latest round of negotiations on the Syrian war which were scheduled for today have been postponed for at least several days. Officials said this was due to ‘logistical problems’.

RUSSIA/DEFENCE –  Russia’s defence budget will be cut by 5% this year according to Deputy Defence Minister Tatiana Shevtsova. Biggest cut this century.

N IRELAND/TERRORISM –  A “significant” amount of bomb-making equipment was found at a country park around 32 miles north of Belfast. There is a “severe” threat of terrorism in N Ireland ahead of the 100th anniversary anti-British Easter Rising of 1916.


DIARY – A busy week…

Watch – Will N Korea react to the annual S Korea/USA military exercises? What will the Turks and Ukrainians agree on which will upset the Russians? And…. How damaged is Merkel? – the regional elections next Sunday will give us an indication.

March 5-16: China’s National People’s Congress meets.

March 7-9: U.S. VP Biden visits UAE, Israel, West Bank, and Jordan.

March 7: South Korea and the United States will hold the Key Resolve military exercise.

March 7: EU heads of government meet Turkish leaders to discuss migration crisis.

March 9-10: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visits Turkey. They can agree they don’t like Russia

March 9: Serbian President Nikolic in Moscow.

March 10: Burma will nominate and elect next president.

March 11: Iraqi Kurdistan’s head of Peshmerga forces in the United States

March 12: Greece supposed to present a plan on implementing the recommendations to secure Schengen external border.

March 13; Brazil. Protestors on the streets calling for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

March 13: State elections will be held in in Baden-Wurttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.


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  1. mahatmacoatmabag | 7th March 2016 at 11:13 am | Reply

    Yesterday ( 6/03/16 ) was a quiet day in Syria, lets hope that the ceasefire holds & the long suffering civilian population get some respite from the fighting.

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