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We now know it will be… President Macron. The official result doesn’t come until Thursday but, unlike elsewhere, the French pollsters have been pretty spot on to date. The Europeans will be watching closely for the new President’s plans, and political appointments.  In many ways, the whole process is on hold until the Parliamentary elections in June.

On Thursday President Putin hosts the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Not much is expected to come out of the talks, but they are further proof of how Putin has re-established Russian influence in the Middle East.  Venezuela worth watching as the anti government protests continue. There are rumours, but no more than that, that some government military units are now ‘considering their positions’. The W&Y predicted 2017 would be the year the Maduro/Boliverian government would fall – but so far it is clinging on amid a wave of violence.

Starting on Thursday and running through to Saturday is the Eurovision Song Contest. The 62nd annual ‘politics as music event’ will be held in Kiev. We know the Russia won’t win, as Moscow withdrew its singer after she was refused entry to Ukraine following her trip to Crimea which Russia has annexed. Bosnia won’t win as its not attending due to financial difficulties. More fun and shenanigans can be expected before the warbling finale on Saturday.


Monday – Joint Philippines/USA military exercises.

Tuesday – South Korea. Presidential election.

Thursday – European Commission chief negotiator on Brexit addresses joint session of Irish parliament.

Thursday – Official results of the French Presidential election announced by Electoral Commission.

Thursday – 3rd anniversary of Donbass referendums in which parts of eastern Ukraine effectively broke away from rest of the country. The day might be marked by an uptick in violence.

Thursday –  Russian court verdict on blogger who played Pokemon in church. Jail term of up to 3 ½ years possible.

Thurs-Sat – Eurovision Song Contest. 62nd annual politics as music event, this year held in Kiev. The Russian entry has already been

Sunday – Regional elections – North Rhine Westphalia. This is Germany’s most populous state with 13.5 million registered voters. Results will give us clues as to the national elections this autumn.

Sunday – President Putin in Beijing.  So is PM Theresa May.  Both attending a 20-nation conference on the benefits of the 21stC Silk Route from China to Europe

Sunday – New French President sworn in.



1 Comment on "Things We Lost In The Mire – 19"

  1. Peter Kennedy | 8th May 2017 at 7:07 pm | Reply

    Ugh! The Eurovision Song Contest. I’m old enough to miss the days of Katie Boyle and votes being telephoned in from around the continent. Did you know that the whole thing was originally thought up as a test by Eurovision, just to see if they really could transmit a TV signal throughout Europe and convert it to all the different TV standards?

    We still have Eurovision, here in Germany I see classical music concerts provided by them on a regular basis, but the only memorable thing about the Eurovision Song Contest is Riverdance.

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