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TURKEY/PALESTINE – President Erdogan has suggested Turkey may open an embassy in East Jerusalem in response to President Trump’s intention to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Details were scarce though, instead, he said “God willing, the day is close when officially, with God’s permission, we will open our embassy there,”

LIBYA/MIGRANTS – Over the weekend Libya’s coast guard rescued more than 250 migrants trying to leave the country in small boats bound for Italy.

SYRIA/IDLIB – Government forces have entered parts of the northwestern rebel-held province of Idlib.

AUSTRIA/FAR RIGHT – Austria’s President Van der Bellen has approved a coalition government between the conservative Austrian People’s Party and the far-right Freedom Party.

POLAND/EU – PM Morawiecki says he expects the EU Commission to enact Article 7.1 of the EU treaty if President Duda goes ahead with judicial reforms which breach EU ‘values’. Article 7.1 warns of the potential for an EU member to be suspended. (See Diary)


Much of the Western world is already winding down for Christmas but there’s still a fair bit of politics and diplomacy to be done… the UK’s Foreign Secretary is in Moscow. FCO sources tell the W&Y this is some way off from a ‘Re-set’ of relations but is part of a process of ensuring good lines of communication between the two powers after a difficult few years.

Chinese National Flag

The Pakistan/China relationship continues to strengthen. This week Pakistan should give more info on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, part of Beijing’s attempts to build a new economic Silk Road.


Mon – Austria’s coalition government – Austrian People’s Party and far right Freedom Party sworn in.

Mon – China-North Korea Friendship Bridge in Dandong, China, set to reopen after repairs.

Mon –  Serbian President Vucic meets Russian President Putin in Moscow

Mon –  South Africa’s ruling ANC continues meeting – to Weds.

Mon – Pakistan sets out long-term plan for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Weds – European Commission college meeting to discuss rule of law in Poland.

Weds – China and India hold border talks in New Delhi.

Tues – U.S. Vice President Mike Pence visit Egypt and Israel.

Thurs – UK PM May in Poland.

Thurs – Regional elections – Catalonia.

Thurs – Thailand holds ground-breaking ceremony for 1st phase of the Sino-Thai high-speed rail project.

Thurs – Latest round of Syria talks to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Fri –  UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in Moscow to see opposite number – Sergei Lavrov.

Sun –  Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny holds rally against Putin’s run for another six-year term.


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