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CHINA/CYBER WAR – The Washington Post reports that US officials say Chinese government hackers stole a ‘significant amount’ of highly sensitive data about naval warfare from the computers of a Navy contractor in January and February.

COMING UP – A quiet week. Unless you count the Kim/Trump summit in Singapore which will of course dominate world headlines. However, more people will probably watch the opening games of the World Cup than the news. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in Russia on Thursday and is expected to sit alongside President Putin to watch the first match of the month-long tournament – Russia v Saudi Arabia. That is a photogenic event, of more consequence though may be the meeting between the Saudi oil minister and his Russian counterpart. Is Saudi going to pump more oil to make up for any shortages which may occur as countries wind down purchases from Iran?

A bumpy week ahead for the UK PM Theresa May. A series of defeats on the Brexit bill which will be put before Parliament could wound her so badly she’ll be half way out of the door of Downing St.


Mon – UK Brexit Secretary David Davis meets EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels.

Tues –  UK Parliament expected to vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Tues –  Trump/Kim summit in Singapore.

Tues – Panama and China formally launch negotiations on a free trade agreement.

Tues – The U.S. Federal Reserve meets.

Weds – Former Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf expected to return from exile in the UAE to appear before Supreme Court.

Thurs – The 2018 World Cup begins. Russia.

Thurs –  North and South Korea hold military talks in Panmunjom.

Fri –  The self-imposed deadline for USA to publish a list of $50 billion worth of Chinese products on which it will place 25% tariffs.


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