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A ‘quietish’ week, diary-wise. It’s almost as if because of the World Cup the politicians are already scaling down for a long break. The Iraqi PM will be busy though; Haider al-Abadi will bring together the great and good of the country to try and thrash out a coalition government acceptable to the many factions in the country.

Mrs Merkel also has a busy week, as well as meeting President Macron, and Polish PM Morawiecki, and a trip to Jordan and Lebanon, she also has to try and save her government (and career). The row over immigration policy within her coalition threatens to bring down the government less than a year since it was formed.


Mon –  North and South Korea hold talks on sports exchanges at Panmunjom.

Mon –  UK House of Lords has latest votes on the EU withdrawal bill.

Mon – The ‘Common Market of South America ‘Mercosur’ holds summit.

Tues –  Chancellor Merkel and President Macron to finalize joint proposal for EU reform. Berlin.

Tues –  Polish PM Morawiecki in Berlin to see Chancellor Merkel.

Weds – Chancellor Merkel in Jordan Lebanon to see leaders of both countries.

Thurs – European Commission may ask General Affairs Council to go ahead with a hearing on Polish policies re the rule of law. Warsaw is accused of being out of line with EU law and spirit.

Thurs –  Ceasefire between some Taliban factions and Afghan government due to end.

Thurs –  South Korean President Moon Jae In in Russia to see President Putin.

Fri –  North and South Korea hold Red Cross talks at North Korea’s Mount Kumgang resort.

June 18: The Common Market of the South, or Mercosur, holds a summit in Luque, Paraguay.


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