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Perhaps Donald Trump has not fully understood the job title – ‘Ambassador of the United States to Israel’. The key words here are ‘of’ and ‘to’. Then again, perhaps he means to redefine it, along with the job description. Everything about Ambassador nominee David Freidman, TMsuggests the job will be ‘Trump’s Ambassador for Israel’s Right’.

The president-elect could not have chosen a more one sided, ideologically driven person. It is difficult to envisage Mr. Friedman promoting the diplomatic aims of his country as stated on the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s website which include “an independent, viable and contiguous Palestinian state as the homeland of the Palestinian people, alongside the Jewish State of Israel”.

Mr. Friedman’s politics are to the right of Benjamin Netanyahu and seem closer to those of the most ardent West Bank settlers. Missing from his hinterland seems to be any sympathy for the Palestinians. Reading his articles for the pro settler Arutz Sheva website it’s clear he believes that the settlements are not an obstacle to peace, and that even annexing the West Bank would not compromise Israel’s democratic character.

Elsewhere he has described President Obama as an ‘anti-Semite’ for failing to call out Palestinian incitements to violence, and labelled the liberal Jewish American lobbyists at J Street as ‘worse than Kapos’.

If the appointment is confirmed by the Senate, it will embolden those to the right of Netanyahu in his government, and weaken the Prime Minister’s ability to constrain some of the wilder elements in Cabinet. It will also boost not only the settler movement, but the more violent elements within the Palestinian leadership who will call ever more loudly for the third intifada. They may be heeded by a population which has given up on a non-existent ‘peace process’. This is a risk he thinks worth taking, and anyway he wants to undermine whatever shreds of credibility President Abbas has left. Earlier this year he wrote that the U.S. should withhold funds from the PA until there is complete financial transparency – “Even if Abbas threatens a hundred intifadas, call his bluff. This cycle must end.”

Some of Mr. Friedman’s ideas are less controversial within mainstream American political thinking. For example, he is a strong opponent of BDS activists, calling them anti-Semitic, and advocating diplomatic and legal action to thwart them. He also wants the Trump administration to ‘investigate coordinated attempts on college campuses to intimidate students who support Israel. “He supports direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians without pre-conditions’, but in an ominous warning for the Chancelleries in Europe says a Trump administration “will

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oppose all Palestinian, European and other efforts to bypass direct negotiations between parties in favor of an imposed settlement. Any solutions imposed on Israel by outside parties including by the United Nations Security Council, should be opposed.”

The headline grabbing call to move the U.S. Embassy to ‘Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem’ (where he owns a home) is actually one of the less ground breaking proposals. Republicans have long sought to do this and the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 requires it. However, Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama preferred not to open that potential Pandora’s box.

The real story is not so much Mr. Friedman’s opinions, but how much they might affect President Trump’s policies. The Ambassador’s job is important, but is some way down the food chain of statecraft. This is not to diminish the potential for informing policy as it makes its way up and down that chain, but decisions on moving embassies, cutting funds, supporting talks, and even something as seemingly low level as actually visiting a settlement, are made in Washington, not Tel Aviv. That said, Friedman was on the Trump foreign policy advisory team, and, as a friend of many years’ standing, may have more access to the President than previous incumbents. That may be partially down to how seriously President Trump takes the issue, and its likely Israel will be down the list of priorities.

If the new American administration does indeed enact policies which embrace the ideology of a supporter of the settlements, and the rhetoric of a President campaign, then diplomacy, and more importantly Israel and Palestine are in for a rough 2017.

Adapted from an article originally published at the Jewish Chronicle.



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  1. Firstly wishing Tim Marshall, the staff & all the readers of TW&TW a Merry Christmas & a Happy Hanukkah .

    Tim there has been a Paradigm Shift in the world, you in the mainstream media are behind the curve, that’s why you never saw Brexit or the Trump victory coming. The era of Common Purpose International Socialism is coming to its inglorious end.

    It has been more than just a failure it has been a disaster for all mankind and now the electors of the West have rebelled against their political oppressors & have put us back on track to normality, progress & civilised norms that were lacking under 8 years of Obama & in the EU as a whole .

    Thus the appointment of Mr. Friedman as Ambassador to Israel signals that the decades of US, UK & EU pandering to one of the worlds largest & most dangerous terror groups masquerading as a liberation movement is coming to an end & with it the myth of the Palestinian people with a right to usurp Israel from its own land will begin to crumble as a revitalised America deals with the evil around the globe as well as restoring Americas economy & social cohesion.

    It will be hard for many on the Left to understand & accept but its Game Over for the PLO & Hamas. They rejected a state of their own in 1947, rejected it again at Camp David & failed to abide by the Oslo accords and now the deadly farce of a PLO state will slowly come to an end for once & for all.

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