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UK Foreign Office on the Iran Nuke Deal

From today the deal between Iran and the P5+1 on its nuclear programme is ‘Adopted’.  So now it must be implemented, some US officials are reported to be concerned that Iran is being too optimistic in how quickly this can be done.

The UK’s Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond has simply marked the day with a ‘holding quote’ issued by the Foreign Office –

UK Foreign Sec Phillip Hammond visits Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Iran

UK Foreign Sec Phillip Hammond visits Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Iran earlier this year.

’18 October marks Adoption Day for the historic nuclear deal agreed with Iran in July.  The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) comes into force today.

Speaking to mark the day, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said:

“This is a landmark day for an historic deal, marking the culmination of a decade of talks between the UK, our partners, and Iran.

“This will ensure that a nuclear weapon remains beyond Iran’s reach, thus creating a safer region while opening opportunities for Iran to re-engage with the international community as sanctions are progressively lifted”.

The UK Gov knows the success of the deal is in the implementation  but there’s no pressure, or warning, implicit in this statement. That will come later if and when Iran begins to drag its feet on the various measures it is required to take.

As both an olive branch and a carrot it is expected that sometime today the EU will  announce the end of nuclear-related sanctions against Iran. AFP suggests that if this is announced today it will come into effect once the IAEA confirms Tehran has met its first obligations.  The IAEA will report on this towards the end of the year.


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